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Le 31/07/2013 � 15h42, demande d'aide de prettyvan
I am a 20year old girl whose father died since 2001,my mother is an old poor farmer.i study nursing in professional school in cameroom ,buea.i passed all my course of year two and i am about to write a certification examination that is HND in nursing .the school fee was increased an my mum is not longer able to pay.please i wish you help me obtain a scholarship to further my studies
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Le 26/08/2016 à 14h06
Following receipt of your message to the request for a scholarship
study, We
we ask is contacted at: and send us your email
directly above. So we can take care of you
give our
Conditions for obtaining the scholarship.
Please make your scholarship application form by claiming the
Registration to be completed by a cover letter to send to
the email address of our office below
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