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Le 30/08/2016 à 14h44, demande d'aide de Exo
Hello ! Exaucé my name , I am Congolese of the Republic of Congo , Brazzaville I live .I just to ask you a financial study assistance in the US or Canada.J'ai a literary baccalaureate 2015-2016 ,I would opt for a free scholarship in the USA, I would like to continue my university studies first year in America , studying in the field of law (diplomacy ) , also learn American culture .I can not pay for my education , I ask your help please . .Yours sincerely !
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Le 08/05/2017 à 21h13
Hello! My name is Orchidea.I am a Congolese. I really need the scholarship to start college at Xavier University.The full tuition for an international student is $36,920 and up. I have four siblings so my dad cannot afford that. I came in the USA in 2015 and start ESL program where I learned English during a year and a half. I need to start college and majoring in Business. I am a good student even my ESL teacher can prove that. Being a business woman will help me learn new things that I will bring to my country for a better development. It is really hard for Congolese to get a scholarship from our country so please help me. I came back to you because I have nowhere to go.
Le 22/10/2017 à 09h48
Prêt d'argent pour projets

Nous offrons des aide financiere pour la realisation de vos projets dont la rentabilité
est certaine à court , moyen ou à long terme dans plusieurs domaines tel que: Agro-industrie,
Immobiliers (industrielles, commerciales, résidentielle), Tourisme et hôtellerie, Mines et exploitation pétrolière,
Petites et moyennes industries, Transport (routier, maritime et aérien), Les énergies Renouvelables,
L’import-export, Les nouvelles technologies, L'agriculture , etc.....

Si vous avez des projets intéressants ( dans les secteurs d'activités cités ci-dessus ou dans d'autres secteurs
d'activités ),N'hésitez pas a écrire a cet email :
Le 22/10/2017 à 11h30 par williams loan
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